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This is not the form to order a design. Follow this link to use the correct form.
If this form doesn’t work, contact me via e-mail.

*** When contacting me about a purchase made that did not receive the download e-mail, please provide the paypal transaction ID of your purchase.

Here’s a few F.A.Q. that might be useful, if your question still hasn’t been answered, please contact me.

Can I use a theme on more than one site?
Once you purchase a theme you can use on as many site as you wish.
Yours only not your friends’ ones.

Do you provide a PSD of the header with the theme?
PSD files can or cannot be added to the premade zip. You can read if they are present or not in the theme details page.

Can I customize the theme as I like?
Yes, you can customize the theme at your likes, as long as the credits stay intact in the footer.

When I add widgets to the theme, they bring down the content news. Why?
Be sure that the widget always has a title. If you don’t add it, it’ll mess up the layout.

After installing the theme I cannot see the footer and I have an error message instead.
Most of the themes use WP Pagenavi Plugin for pagination. If not installed and activated it will generate an error.

I cannot see the menu links.
The first premades feature WP Menu, which you find in Dashboard > Appearance > Menus. Be sure to select Header Menu box when creating a new one and add your links there.

The coppermine theme shows no style.
If you change the theme folder name you also need to change that name in template.html links to the css.

Do you accept custom orders?
Custom orders are always accepted, unless otherwise stated on twitter or on the site order form itself.

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