Here are a few rules you agree on before ordering from me.
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General Terms

    • My themes/premades/scripts are not to be used as base.
    • You can use premades/scripts on as many site as you wish BUT not to gift to your friends, they need to buy their copy.
    Do not claim any as yours.
    • The assistance post-collaboration is limited to the design itself: if you have issues with it, cannot make something work. Any other assistance related to learning wordpress or coppermine is not of my competence to explain.
    • Secret word to accept your order is Devour.
    • Assistance is performed from 11AM-6PM (Rome time zone) and best done via e-mail. Please keep in mind I try to live a life outside of computer, so if I don’t reply right away don’t panic, I will as soon as possible and we’ll fix the problem.
    • If you order a service and do not pay, you have a 3-times chance to order again from me, the third time you repeat this behavior and do not pay, you will be forbidden and banned from ordering more services. It takes me time to do anything and I will not waste any more for non-paying customers.


    I only accept PAYPAL payments and/or via
    • Every price is in EURO.
    • You can you sites like this to check the currency change.

Store, Premades & Script

    • Refunds will not be applied and cannot be appealed.

      You do understand that if you changed your mind but have my product, by fact you have a copy and it’s not fair you have one free.
      – We will apply a refund via paypal only if you never received the download link (please note: I can verify it being in your account so don’t cheat)

    • You agree to remove any script/premade of mine in case of selling or adopting out your fansite.
    • Prices are calculated with PayPal fees (or the closest possible).
    • If you cannot make something work and need assistance, contact me.

Custom Designs

    • Please send hq pictures or medium quality photos. No stamps or 100×100 images.
    • Send as many pictures as you want/can, no amount is ever too much.
    • If you order a layout please don’t ask me to do like another designer, I’ve my own style and I don’t like to make a “copy” of someone else.
    • Once the product has been sent, there’s a No Refunds policy applicable.
    • I will take up to one week from the preview to complete your order, no matter which package it is. More days than 7 no, less days than 7 could be.
      In case of any issue to complete within the 7 days, you will be contacted and given opportunity to cancel your order. If preview has been sent already, you will be refunded the money.
    • In order to avoid any legal action you MUST have a disclaimer message on your site claiming that pictures are copyrighted to respective owners and that I’m not responsible for the pictures you give me to design. If you don’t know where/how to put it specify in ANYTHING ELSE spot to add a disclaimer message and I will.
    • I reserve the right to refuse your order without obligation to provide any reason behind it.
    • Ko-Fi payments are preferred. For Paypal a fee will be added accordingly.
    • You comply to make payment within 14 days from receiving the header preview, then your order will be cancelled without notice.
    • For coding only orders, you commit to make a full payment upfront since there is no header preview to send you.

Other Services & Payments

    Other orders must all be paid in full and upfront. These include:

      • Career Pages
      • Video Archive
      • Press Library
      • Awards List
      • Discography Pages
      • Site Hosting Move
      • Coppermine Optimization
      • Sidebar Graphics
      • Category Icons graphics

In order to accept your request you need to answer with the secret question and confirm the GDPR.

This page was last modified on June 7, 2024.