Discography Pages

Some actors sometimes do music too and it can be hard to trace back to all their singles, albums and lyrics. I can try to do the job for you, tracing back to them all.
Just have patience and faith I will do everything possible to make it the most complete possible.

Please note: I work exclusively with my script, which you will need to buy or already own. That’s not included into the package.

The package will cost 15€ and it includes:

  • creation of main discography list page
  • filling of basic info on individual pages

Samples *click to enlarge*

How it works

Fill out the form to order. For any question, you can get in touch with me and we will discuss further details.
After receiving your order, I will be contacting you to confirm it and ask for the logins details.

What do I need:

  • You have to have bought the script already
  • A WordPress User as Editor.
  • To customize the colors and adapt to your theme, and install the script if requested, I need the panel/FTP infos.

Please Note: payment will be processed exclusively through ko-fi.com