Moving My Sites

8th June 2024

I can’t recommend Claudia enough, extremely helpful with moving my three websites and also helping to clean up one of them that got pretty messed up. It was not an easy move for any of them but Claudia was there every step of the way helping out and discussing things with me trying to fix things as they went wrong and going far above and beyond what was in the parameters. Superfast moving and highly professional throughout. Again I cannot recommend enough.




5th June 2024

Claudia was very helpful and moved my sites in a timely manner! Super fast and professional! Highly recommended.


Two Thumbs Up!

5th May 2024

All themes are amazingly done! I had a loooooot of request and she delivers at no time. She’s really patient and hard working. I can’t wait to work with her again. My sites are in good hands.


She's amazing designer!

2nd November 2023

I would like to leave my testimonial here, as I have created three websites with her so far and the work was excellent! Claudia is a great designer, as well as extremely helpful and always willing to help. Even my language barrier (I’m Brazilian, but I speak a little English) didn’t affect the creation and development of the websites at all! I leave my review here and I highly recommend this incredible designer!


Absolute Breeze to install and customize!

13th October 2023

I have some knowledge in coding, but Wordpress just for some reason I constantly struggle with, which is why I’m always looking for great themes that I can modify if I want to, but also is super easy to customize the small things. Claudia’s themes are so easy to install, easy to work with, and come with great instructions. She is also the only place I have ever ordered from and received an email down the line when she updates a script or something and wants to update previous buyers — which is fantastic customer service!

I will be back when I’m ready for the next one!