Site Moving

What do I need to know before ordering?

  • There is a basic fee to pay (25.00 EUR). If you can afford or feel like giving more thank you, but that fee needs to be paid for commission.
  • You commit to pay everything upfront.
  • Payment will be operated exclusively on (you can use your card or your paypal)
  • The job will be done the fastest possible, considering the time-zone differences and when your order comes in.

What does the moving include?

  • Backup your databases from the old host.
  • Import of the databases to new host.
  • Generate a full backup of the files, where possible (DirectAdmin).
  • Otherwise, zip all the files one folder by the other (cPanel).
  • Double check via FTP that the backup came with all files.
  • Upload your files to the new host

Please Note: you take responsibility for checking everything is uploaded fine to the new host. I will stay in touch in case something is missing so I can retrieve it and upload, but it is your responsibility to check. I do not keep backups of your files.

So after reading all this, you can fill out the form or contact me for any further question.